Everyone and their Aunt Jane Smith has a website but everyone, including their Aunt Jane Smith, is not utilizing their website correctly to ensure success, business and potential revenue by driving the appropriate traffic to their website.

Chances are, you fit one of the following categories:

- You have a website, but have not made any money yet
- You designed a Flash website, wanting the spiffyness but not realizing smart phone users would not be able to utilize it successfully
- Trying to understand the different approaches to SEO and trying to approach them all at the same time, getting no where, fast, costing time and money
- <insert other unfortunate reality of search engine optimization>

Pixeletta Consultations does not focus on what everyone else is doing as it's not often the right course of action. There are different methods to rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing and various other search engines. There are also other methods to drive traffic, gain 'fans' on social media tools and much more. The main service we offer at Pixeletta Consultations is SEO, tied in with web design, social media development and web branding.

'My favourite question upon a meeting with a new client has to be, 'Can you get me on Google?' And my answer is always, 'I don't have a magic switch, what I have is years of constant research, keeping on top of trends and an understanding of what Search Engine Optimization really means... that every little piece of the pie does count.' And that always earns me a look that says, lady, not what I had in mind...' says Margarita Benyammine, SEO Specialist, 'I wish that I had a standard answer for the standard client but the truth is... it's a few dozen aspects that tie into one.' 

'SEO is Search Engine Optimization:
Website, Social Media,
Blogging & ...
Anything Online'

~ Pixeletta